5 Axis CNC Routers

Diversified Machine Systems Inc. (DMS) is a manufacturer of 3 & 5 Axis CNC Routers for cutting plastics, foams, woods, composites, non-ferrous metals and more.  Rocky Mountain CNC Solutions is a factory authorized representative for DMS CNC machinery.

The DMS Staff has over thirty years of engineering, structural fabrication and manufacturing experience.  Our advanced FAGOR CNC control systems are like a dog after a bone, helping to improve your manufacturing and production experience.  Rocky Mountain CNC Solutions offers a DMS product line with both popular standard models as well as custom designed machines built to suit unique customer applications.

DMS CNC Routers are engineered and built for accuracy, repeatability, reliability.  From the heavy duty all steel base with an open or enclosed design, to the HSD spindles and FAGOR controllers, these 5 axis CNC routers are designed to meet your 24/7 production demands and maximize your ROI.

Every DMS 3 & 5 Axis CNC Router is produced at our factory in Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA.

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5 Axis CNC Routers D5E
5 Axis CNC Routers Overhead Gantry
5 Axis CNC Routers Twin Table
5 Axis CNC Routers Enclosed
5 Axis CNC Routers Dual Cell
5 Axis CNC Routers Side wall
5 Axis CNC Routers Shuttle Table