4x4 3 Axis CNC Orthotic Router

4x4 3 Axis CNC Orthotic

Rocky Mountain CNC is an actory authorized distributor of the Freedom Machine Tools"Orthorout".  A 4x4 3 Axis CNC Orthotic Router.   Orthorout Systems are designed to process functional orthotics (hard plastic), all types of EVA foam orthotics and for cutting foot positives from MDF & high-density foam.  The Orthorout's heavy duty steel construction handles the demands of 24/7 orthotic machining & production. The Orthorout is easy to use, does not require specialized staff and fits into clinical and industrial environments.  Factory authorized Orthorout technicians will provide onsite setup and training, overlapping one day with our software partner to ensure a seamless integration. By the end of the training program,  Orthorout users are making orthotics.  The unique Othotics "Flip Fixture"  secures materials quickly onto the table and allows users to process both sides of the  orthotic easily and accurately.

The FAGOR 8037 control interface makes loading, running and cutting files easy.    

-New Year's Sale-

During the 1st  & 2nd  quarter of 2017, Rocky Mountain CNC Solutions will give you 8  free ISO 30 ER32 tool holders with each Freedom Machine Tools 3 Axis 4x4 Orthorout CNC  Router purchased with an auto tool changing spindle and tool storage rack.  Contact us for details at the link below.  (a $1,575.00 value)


New FMT "Patriot" 4'x4' Orthorout CNC Router- Stock # 7627-449

4′ x 4′ Phenolic Ortho-Matrix Vacuum table, Patented Orthotic Flip Fixture Absolute Encoders, 8 Station Tool Rack, Auto Tool Height Sensor, Material Thickness Sensor, 5HP Becker Vacuum Pump,  Fagor 8037 Industrial CNC Controller, 1 Year Factory Warranty.

Price $47,500 (w/8 free ISO-30 ER-32 Tool Holders)

Add a Complete Dust Collection System for $1,750.00, includes the piping, collector and retractable dust hood.

4x4 3 Axis CNC Orthotic

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